GET /API/ContactGroups/

Basic Intro

Using the HTTP header GET you will be able to get a list of all contact groups associated with the account.



Example Request
curl -H "API: [APIKey]" -H "Username: [Username]" -X GET

Example Output

The output is returned as a json array

    GroupName: "Pushover Test", // The Contact Groups Name
    Emails: [
            "" // An array of emails in use
    Mobiles: [], // AN array of mobiles in use
    Boxcar: "", // Any boxcar account
    Pushover: "gZh7mBkRIH4CsxWDwvkLBwlEZpxfpZ", // Any pushover account
    ContactID: 5, // The contact group ID
    PingURL: "", Any Ping URL
    DesktopAlert: 1 // If desktop alerts via AlerterCake are enabled

Error Messages

If a testID is not connected to the account that API key has been provided for then the following error message will be presented

    "ErrNo": 1,
    "Error": "REQUEST[TestID] provided not linked to this account"