DELETE /API/Pagespeed/Update

Basic Intro

Deletes an existing Pagespeed test from your account. NOTE: Authentication and a valid plan required

Parameter Type Restrictions Description Required
id Integer - The ID of the test to delete YES

Please note that the parameters need to be provided in the URL as DELETE does not allow content in the body.

Response Codes


  • HTTP 200 - Success - The test was deleted.

User Error

  • HTTP 400 - Request Failed - Generic Error: Please check output for more information.
  • HTTP 404 - Not Found - The selected ID was not found on this account.
  • HTTP 405 - Invalid Method - Invalid method used. Only supports DELETE.

Account Issues

  • HTTP 401 - Authorization Required - Provide Correct Username and API key
  • HTTP 402 - Payment Required - You do not have access to this function. Check your account for more information.
  • HTTP 429 - API Usage Limit Exceeded - Your limit was exceeded. Check your account for more information.

Example Output

The output is returned as a json array

    "success": true,    // Returns false on error
    "message": "",      // Additional information, if available
    "data":             // Unused