POST /API/PublicReporting/Update

Basic Intro

Update an existing Public Reporting page on your account.
NOTE: Authentication required


Optional parameters will not be overwritten if they are not provided
If the parameter is provided, but is empty, the value will be erased instead

Parameter Type Example Description Required
id String Xyzzy1 The Unique ID of the public reporting page YES
title String Test Page The title of the Public Reporting Page No
cname String Cname record for a custom domain No
password String a7C89XC@DR4 Password protection for the page. Leave empty to disable No
twitter String statuscaketeam Twitter handle to display with the @. Leave empty to disable No
display_annotations Boolean false Set to true to show annotations for status periods No
display_orbs Boolean true Set to true to display uptime as colored orbs No
search_indexing Boolean true Set to false to disable search engine indexing No
sort_alphabetical Boolean false Set to true to order tests by alphabetical name No
use_tags Boolean false Set to true to select tests by their tag, rather than ID No
tests_or_tags String "123|478|12" Values separated by a pipe symbol "|", TestIDs or Tags, depends on previous value No
tags_inclusive Boolean false Set to true to select all tests that include one or more of the provided tags No
announcement String "Hello World" Free text field that will appear as an announcement on the page. No
bg_color String #C4C4C4 HEX value for the background colour No
header_color String #AABBCC HEX value for the header colour No
title_color String #000000 HEX value for the header text colour No

Response Codes


  • HTTP 200 - Success - The new public reporting page was created. The ID can be found in the data.

User Error

  • HTTP 400 - Request Failed - Generic Error: Please check output for more information.
  • HTTP 404 - Not Found - The selected ID was not found on this account.
  • HTTP 405 - Invalid Method - Invalid method used. Only supports POST.

Account Issues

  • HTTP 401 - Authorization Required - Provide Correct Username and API key
  • HTTP 429 - API Usage Limit Exceeded - Your limit was exceeded. Check your account for more information.

Example Output

The output is returned as a json array

    "success": true,    // Returns false on error
    "message": "",      // Additional information, if available