DELETE /API/Tests/Details/?TestID=[TestID]

Basic Intro

Using the HTTP header DELETE will remove the TestID and all associated data from the database. Their will be no confirmation nor will you be able to revert the deletion once it has been made.

TestID: a Int representation of a test (as provided by All Tests or Details Tests API Call)
Example Request
curl -H "API: [APIKey]" -H "Username: [Username]" -X DELETE

Example Output

The output is returned as a json array

    "TestID": 6735, // The ID of the check that has been deleted
    "Affected": 1, // The number of rows deleted
    "Success": true, // If the deletion was a success or not
    "Message": "This Check Has Been Deleted. It can not be recovered."

Error Messages

If a testID is not connected to the account that API key has been provided for then the following error message will be presented

    "ErrNo": 1,
    "Error": "REQUEST[TestID] provided not linked to this account"