GET /API/Tests/

Basic Intro

You can use the test listings API call to get a basic listing of the tests currently under the account with you have sent Auth details for. You must ensure you send authentication data along with your request.

REQUEST[CUID]=[ContactGroupID] // Filter to just ones using a contact group ID
REQUEST[Status]=[Down/Up] // Filter to just tests which are either up or down. 
REQUEST[tags]=[Comma Seperated List] // Match tests with these tags
REQUEST[matchany]=[true/false] // Respond with any that match a tag [true] or just ones that have all tags [false]
Example Request
curl -H "API: [APIKey]" -H "Username: [Username]" -X GET

Example Output

The output is returned as a json array

        "TestID": 28110, // This is an int form testID - use this to get more details about this test
        "Paused": false, // bool of either true or false on if the test is paused
        "TestType": "HTTP", // Test type as a string; at current either HTTP or TCP
        "WebsiteName": "Test Period Data", // The name of the test
        "WebsiteURL" : "", // The URL of the test
        "ContactGroup": null, // Will return string of contact group name else null.
        "ContactID": 0, // Contact group ID - will return int  of contact group used else 0
        "Status": "Up", // Current status at last test
        "Uptime": 100, // 1 Day Uptime.
        "Tags": ["server1","united kingdom"], // An array containing all tags on this test
        "WebsiteHost": ""   // Website host (if set)

2018-03-26: Added WebsiteHost field to output.