We are deprecating this API in October 2022. Try our new StatusCake API. (Migration Guide)

GET /API/Tests/Details/?TestID=[TestID]

Basic Intro

The detailed test information API call will enable you to get more information on a particular test than that provided within the all tests listing. You should provide a TestID; you can get the test ID for each test on the account from the List of tests call return value TestID.



Example Request
curl -H "API: [APIKey]" -H "Username: [Username]" -X GET https://app.statuscake.com/API/Tests/Details/?TestID=241

Example Output

The output is returned as a json object

    "TestID": 6735, // Int of the test ID
    "TestType": "HTTP", // String either HTTP or TCP
    "Paused": false, // If the current test is paused or not, bool.
    "WebsiteName": "NL", // User Entered name for the test
    "ContactGroup": "StatusCake Alerts", // The contact group name bewing used. Only displays the first result. Use ContactGroups if you need all data.
    "ContactID": 536, // The contact group ID being used. Only displays the first result. Use ContactGroups if you need all data.
    "ContactGroups": [
            "ID": 50,
            "Name": "Groupname"
            "Email": "[email protected]"
    ] // Array of contactgroups with their details in object form
    "Status": "Up", // String of current status
    "Uptime": 0, // Uptime in Percentage form.
    "CheckRate": 60, // Check rate in seconds.
    "Timeout": 40, // The timeout value set in seconds
    "LogoImage": "", // If a logo image has been set for public reporting
    "WebsiteHost": "Various", // User entered value for Website Host
    "NodeLocations": [
    ], // Array of locations selected to test from. See get locations
    "FindString": "", // String to look for
    "DoNotFind": false, // // If a string should be found or not fine
    "LastTested": "2013-01-20 14:38:18", // Last time testing started
    "NextLocation": "USNY", // The next location testing will start from
    "Processing": false, // If currently being tested
    "ProcessingState": "Pretest", // The current test status
    "ProcessingOn": "dalas.localdomain", // What server is processing
    "DownTimes": "0", // The amount of consecutive downtimes recorded

Error Messages

If a matching testID can not be found for the account which auth data has been sent for then ErrNo 1 will be sent in json format as below.

    "ErrNo": 1,
    "Error": "REQUEST[TestID] provided not linked to this account"