Basic Intro

Auth within the StatusCake end point is done by sending a post request containing both your API key and username. Your API Key can get generated by going to your “Account Details” tab within StatusCake and then clicking the API Key button. Your API key should be kept private and in event you expose it publicly you should generate a new key. The authentication method you use will depend on the design of your application. We recommend either header or POST based authentication. You should pass your auth with every API call.

Using POST Based Auth:
POST[API] = Your API Key
POST[Username] = Your Username
Using GET Based Auth
GET[API] = Your API Key
GET[Username] = Your Username.
Using Header Based Auth
API: [Your API Key]
Username: [Your StatusCake Username]
On Authetication Error

If your API Key / Username combination is not accepted then a json body response will be provided as such:

     ErrNo: 0,
     Error: "Can not access account. Was both Username and API Key provided?"