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StatusCake App: New Functionality added

With the newest updates to the StatusCake Mobile app we are adding further functionality to create a mobile monitoring experience that’s useful for all! What’s been added? Get in touch with our Support team directly through the StatusCake App: Now you … Read More

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StatusCake App: New features available

With the newest updates to the StatusCake app you are now able to get a lot more done whilst on the go. We’ve added several features which we think will enhance the experience, and there’s a lot more to come … Read More

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Zapier Set Ups – Pulling Downtime Alerts into Zendesk

We currently integrate with a wide range of notification systems and applications to which we can send through our Up or Down alerts based on the health and status of your website on StatusCake. Sometimes though, it’s great to have … Read More

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Zapier Set Ups – Keep a log of tests added to StatusCake

There’s a lot that can be automated within StatusCake using the Zapier app. Today we’ll take you through how to keep an automatic log of any tests added to your StatusCake account, all the data will be stored on Google … Read More

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Feature Spotlight: Public Reporting API

We’ve today introduced a fully functional API for use with our Public Reporting tool. This allows you to carry out all of the functions that you would in app, but now you can automate and schedule these tasks instead of … Read More