New API Key Management function, and team access to data through the API and App

In this post we’ll take you through the available options for managing sub-accounts, from managing permissions in app, to our new functionality which allows you to assign individual API keys to your users. First lets take a look at our … Read More

Building up our API

Some Exciting Changes to our API

Over the past few weeks we’ve been making incremental updates to our API to bring it up to date with our in-app features, a few of these updates have already been released, so now is a great time to recap … Read More

Feature Update: Enhanced SSL Monitoring

Today we’ve released a huge update, completely changing how our SSL monitoring works and enabling you to keep a much closer eye on all aspects of your certificates. We’ve introduced a new set of features for SSL, that enable much … Read More

New Root Cause Details available

We’ve today made it a lot easier for you to identify of timeout related downtimes with the addition of two new functionalities to our “Root Downtime Causes” section. Now you can see both a Traceroute and a DNS check details in the event … Read More

StatusCake Domain Monitoring - Expiry Monitoring & Hijacking Alerts

Big Improvements to the Domain Monitoring Feature

Over the last few weeks we have been working hard to develop the next steps for our domain monitoring feature, and today you’ll see a range of new and advanced functionality implemented in-app. First off – we have added a … Read More


New Feature : Dashboards

This week we introduced Dashboards – a brand new and much requested feature for our Business level users and above which allows the display of all vital monitoring data in one place! Multiple Dashboards can now be created in-app, and … Read More


Valentine’s Day – The Tech Overview

Love is destructive. Don’t worry we’re not all philosophical, it truly is causing a devastating impact on retailers around the world this Valentine’s Day 2016. So what does the surge in Valentine’s day traffic do for uptime & performance? Let’s have dive in to the statistics! … Read More


New Feature: Page Speed Monitoring

This new feature is being offered to all our paid users, and with no limits so if you already have a paid plan you can start using Page Speed Monitoring right away StatusCake Page Speed Monitoring uses a chrome instance … Read More


Improved Public Reporting Pages

We’ve just released a large update for the public reporting pages. This update adds several new features while also improving the overall design and usability of this popular feature. … Read More