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Integration Spotlight: PagerDuty

Today we’d like to talk a little about our integration with Pagerduty. We’ll go through some of the benefits of using this product in conjunction with StatusCake and overview the functionalities that are unique to this integration. PagerDuty’s digital operations … Read More

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Using the Content Match feature to detect website defacement

The Content Match feature has the potential to detect and protect against page defacement, as well as fulfilling a few other handy use-cases. Today we’re going to take you through a few of the most common uses of this feature … Read More

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New Feature : Audit Log

We are pleased to introduce our new Audit Log feature which will allow you to keep track of the last 7 days of activity within the StatusCake app, nearly every action that can be performed will be logged, from test … Read More


Community Plan Improvements & SMS Cost Reduction

StatusCake has always valued it’s community user base; It’s always been our view that if we can support companies at their earliest stages then down the line when they need more advanced monitoring then they know and understand our feature … Read More

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Featured Integration: Discord

Today we’d like to take you through one of our newest additions to our integrations for receiving StatusCake alerts. Whilst being a relatively new service, Discord has already made a big impact and already has a user-base of over 90 million … Read More