Why Affiliate Websites and Bloggers Should Promote SaaS Affiliate Programs in 2019

SaaS Affiliate Programs have become very popular in 2019 with both online publishers and bloggers. Today freelancers working online can sign up to a variety of SaaS affiliate programs on offer and start sending their traffic via their affiliate links … Read More

Scott Rigsby Foundation

Scott Rigsby Foundation Domain Grabbed by Gambling Website

Scott Rigsby is no ordinary Ironman.  At the age of 18 he was involved in a motor vehicle accident which after 26 operations over the space of a decade left him as a double amputee.  After battling depression and alcohol … Read More

Meet The StatusCake Team

Meet The StatusCake Team – Week 23rd September 2019

We’re going to be at various events this week.  If you’re going to be at any of these events do email us if you’d like to learn more about StatusCake or simply say hello. Monday 22nd September 2019 Knative – … Read More

Successful Website Migration Checklist

Are you in the process of migrating your content to a new website? If so, you’ll already know that this is one of the most taxing and demanding experiences a webmaster or business owner can undergo. Unfortunately, the process known … Read More

How to Reduce Bounce Rate

In the field of website optimisation a term which often crops up more than any other is that of ‘bounce rate’. When discussions about your website take place, you may have heard in passing that ‘your bounce rate is too … Read More