5 Missed Business Opportunities

5 Missed Opportunities – The VC Deals That Got Away!

We often hear stories from VCs that smartly invested in an unknown start-up for it to go on and become a darling of Silicon Valley and the tech world; those legendary Unicorns.Unicorn.  But what of those ones that got away?  … Read MoreRead More

5 Inspirational Ali Quotes for Startup Founders & Entrepreneurs

5 Inspirational Ali Quotes for Startup Founders & Entrepreneurs

The man who called himself “The Greatest” died yesterday at the age of 74.  The boxer Muhammad Ali, not only lived up to that moniker as three times heavyweight champion of the world, but he was also a civil rights … Read MoreRead More

Top 5 Inspirational Quotes on Learning for Startup Founders and Entrepreneurs

5 Inspirational Quotes on Learning for Startup Founders & Entrepreneurs

Being a great entrepreneur is, amongst other things, about building something great – a product or service that users love and which is shaped by your vision and passion.  But getting from $0 to $1m ARR isn’t easy. It’s never … Read MoreRead More

StatusCake Server Monitoring

StatusCake Server Monitoring – Early Invite

Development of the StatusCake product has always been driven by our customers; not only in terms of feature requests, but those small changes to the product and user interface that make the world of difference in day-to-day use.  In our … Read More

5 Must Read VC Blogs

5 Must-Read VC Blogs

Whether you’re a first time entrepreneur or seasoned-pro if you want to succeed in business you’ll never stop learning. As start-up founders we’re fortunate enough today to have a great start-up community where knowledge is not only freely shared, but … Read MoreRead More

What Do Pingdom Have Against Free Customers

What Do Pingdom Have Against Free Customers?

A core tenent of the StatusCake way is that tools such as website monitoring should be affordable for all.  After all downtime is just as important for a blogger or a start-up as it is a multinational.  It’s how downtime … Read More

5 Must Have Start-Up Tools

5 Must Have Start-Up Tools

Having the right tools to help you run your business is crucial.  When you’re launching a new business or product there’s a million-and-one things to do; spending hour after hour searching for tools is simply time you don’t have. We’re … Read MoreRead More

SaaS London Meet-Up

London SaaS Meet-Up April 2016

Next week the StatusCake.com team will be at the London SaaS Meet-up.  Organised by SaaScribe and sponsored by Notion Capital, the meet-up which will be held at Zendesk’s London HQ and will focus on SaaS start-up metrics.  The speakers include … Read More


The Magic Number of SaaS – Calculating Your Target MRR

42 may be “The Almighty Answer to the Meaning of Life, the Universe, and Everything”; and according to De La Soul 3 may be the “Magic Number”; but when it comes to SaaS KPIs there’s only one number you need to … Read More

Walking Meetings

Do You Really Need a Meeting? Thinking on Your Feet!

“Let’s get a meeting in the calendar.” What’s the obsession with meetings?  I’ve never understood this or been a fan of meetings. My experience, and it’s not just at large corporates, is that they’re called without a clear agenda, too … Read MoreRead More