What Do Pingdom Have Against Free Customers

What Do Pingdom Have Against Free Customers?

A core tenent of the StatusCake way is that tools such as website monitoring should be affordable for all.  After all downtime is just as important for a blogger or a start-up as it is a multinational.  It’s how downtime … Read More

5 Must Have Start-Up Tools

5 Must Have Start-Up Tools

Having the right tools to help you run your business is crucial.  When you’re launching a new business or product there’s a million-and-one things to do; spending hour after hour searching for tools is simply time you don’t have. We’re … Read MoreRead More

SaaS London Meet-Up

London SaaS Meet-Up April 2016

Next week the StatusCake.com team will be at the London SaaS Meet-up.  Organised by SaaScribe and sponsored by Notion Capital, the meet-up which will be held at Zendesk’s London HQ and will focus on SaaS start-up metrics.  The speakers include … Read More


The Magic Number of SaaS – Calculating Your Target MRR

42 may be “The Almighty Answer to the Meaning of Life, the Universe, and Everything”; and according to De La Soul 3 may be the “Magic Number”; but when it comes to SaaS KPIs there’s only one number you need to … Read More

Walking Meetings

Do You Really Need a Meeting? Thinking on Your Feet!

“Let’s get a meeting in the calendar.” What’s the obsession with meetings?  I’ve never understood this or been a fan of meetings. My experience, and it’s not just at large corporates, is that they’re called without a clear agenda, too … Read MoreRead More