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Zapier Set Ups – Pulling Downtime Alerts into Zendesk

< 1 min read We currently integrate with a wide range of notification systems and applications to which we can send through our Up or Down alerts based on the health and status of your website on StatusCake. Sometimes though, it’s great to have these alerts coming through to a system that’s not classically used for notifications. Today we’ll

Zapier Set Ups – Automatically export uptime data to Google Sheets

2 min read Ever wanted to keep a backup of StatusCake data without manual entry or usage of the API? This article will take you through a different and automated method of doing so for the Up and Down test alerts. This is done with the help of the Zapier service, and the data will be stored in

Using the Content Match feature to detect website defacement

2 min read The Content Match feature has the potential to detect and protect against page defacement, as well as fulfilling a few other handy use-cases. Today we’re going to take you through a few of the most common uses of this feature to help you ensure you are getting the most out of it! Website defacement is

How to Speed up Your e-Commerce Website

2 min read These days, advances in technology occur at a rapidly increasing rate. One of the most obvious changes has been the increasing speed of the internet, which mirrors the increase in the number of internet users around the world. If you’re an online retailer, making sure that your website loads quickly is not always easy. Many

Three Ways to Improve Conversion Rate

2 min read You’ve spent a lot of time and effort to attract visitors to your website. Your website is engaging, and it’s easy for your potential customers to navigate it. You’ve made sure that it’s mobile friendly, and you have judiciously used keywords and other SEO techniques to improve your search ranking. Now, all you have to

5 Ways to Improve Online Sales

2 min read Over the past ten years, shopping online has changed from being merely a convenient alternative to being the norm. Before the advent of the internet, shoppers had to leave home, fight their way through traffic, and battle the elements on the high street to get what they wanted. Online shopping has changed all that –

Four Steps to Make Your WordPress Business Website Load Faster

2 min read WordPress is now the platform of choice for millions of business websites. WordPress has become a favourite of business owners due to the many themes and plug-ins available that simplify managing a website. However, over time, WordPress can become bogged down and reduce the loading speed of your website, and a reduced loading speed can

Five Tips to Make Your Small Business Website More Effective

2 min read When you run a small business, your website serves the same function as a calling card – it provides essential information about your business. It also could be the first point of contact for potential new customers, so it is important you keep your site up to date and that it gives new visitors a

Five Ways to Make Your Landing Page More Engaging

2 min read Five ways to make your landing page more engaging When visitors access your website the first thing they see is your landing page. This page gives your visitors the first impression of your site and you only have one chance to make that first impression a good one. There is no magic formula for designing

How to Keep Your Online Customers Happy

2 min read It’s been over a decade since the formulation of the eight-second rule for e-commerce sites. The rule states that if a site doesn’t load within eight seconds, most visitors will leave and go elsewhere. After this most visitors will leave and go elsewhere. Most online retailers are aware of the rule and the importance of

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