Zapier StatusCake Integration

With’s uptime monitoring you’ll get an alert every time your website goes down, and a further monitoring alert when your website has come back-up again. We will also alert you if your website is under-performing compared with other websites in your industry and vertical – if it is slower than the average.

At StatusCake you decide how and when you’re alerted. Alerts can be sent out to you in a variety of ways. By email, SMS text message, Twitter and push notifications for iOS and Android devices.

You should check the Knowledge Base to ensure that your mobile operator supports SMS alerts in your country.

For more information on setting up push notifications you can read our how-to guides for Boxcar and Pushover.

We have also integrated with a service called Zapier. This allows you to get alerted to downtime, or log downtime events, across hundreds of difference services. So for instance you can use Zapier to trigger StatusCake downtime alerts via Google Talk and many other applications.

Read More: What Features Are Available at

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