Email Transaction Type

Our SMTP testing has two options, the option you pick depends on your setup. We’ve made this short guide below to help you pick the right option for you. Complete Transaction Complete transaction tests every part of your SMTP server and will send an outbound mail to one of our […]

Page Speed F.A.Q

What is Page Speed Monitoring? Page Speed monitoring isn’t about detecting if your site is currently up or down (regular HTTP monitoring provided by StatusCake can do that), rather it’s about monitoring the performance of your site from a real Chrome browser instance and alerting you when thresholds have been […]

What Locations Do You Have

Our probes are hosted in around 30 different data centres globally. We try to ensure a wide spread of providers to provide accurate monitoring, and the exact data centres we use change depending on performance and geographic changes. We do not use Amazon’s AWS or Microsoft Azure as probe locations. […]

Do you have an API?

Yes! We have a API. The documentation for the API can be found here. For our paid users the API is unlimited; for our free users the limit is 250 requests per a day (enough for checking the API at least once every 5 minutes)

How Do I Exclude StatusCake From Google Analytics?

For the majority of testing, you do not need to. We are automatically excluded from Google Analytics (we don’t load the GA code). For other Analytics software you can exclude us based on our user agent (we contain the ‘StatusCake’ key word in all our crawls) One exception would be […]

Using Public Reporting CNAME

When using public reporting pages you also have the option of using a CNAME. Using a CNAME means rather than having your public reporting page being at a url like[id] it would be something like To setup a CNAME follow these steps: First you will need to go to […]

How do I Cancel?

To Cancel a Paid Account We’d be really sorry to see you go but if you do have to cancel we’ve tried to make it as easy as possible. Before you cancel why not drop us a line to let us know if there is anything we could do to […]

What is Alert Speed?

Alert Speed is a calculation performed by StatusCake to give you a rough idea of the maximum amount of time your test may take to alert you on downtime. It uses the metric Check Rate + Alert Delay Rate + (Confirmation Servers * Timeout) Reducing these settings will reduce your […]

Create a Basic Website Test

In order to add a new test you should first login to your account, then navigate to the tests section of the sidebar, from here click the ‘new test’ option in order to begin the creation process. The first option is “Test Type”, which should be Http/Https by default for […]

Create a Public Reporting Group

A Public Report Group is a great way of sharing your uptime information publicly in a visual context. Creating a Public Report Group will give you a web link for convenient sharing, and also some embed code which will enable you to display the data in table format on your […]