Using Sub Accounts

Sub Accounts is a feature available in our Business package and higher. It allows for the addition of unlimited additional accounts which can share the privileges and data from the main account, which is managed by the administrator or team leader. This feature can be very useful if you have […]

Using BlackList Monitoring

Blacklist monitoring checks your domain or IP against spam blacklists, ensuring that you’re message deliverability and customer access isn’t degraded. Ensuring you’re not blocked is of vital importance if you run any sort of email campaigns and of even more importance it can alert you to your mail servers being […]

Mass Reassigning Contact Groups

Sometimes circumstances change and you can end up with a whole lot of tests assigned to a contact group with details that are no longer relevant. This can be because a staff member has been replaced, or due to close of business with a particular client. When this happens you […]

What timezone do maintenance windows use?

The time zone used in maintenance windows will be the same as the one selected in the User Details section of the account, so if your account runs on GMT then set up your windows in GMT timezone. For your information, your account’s timezone will also appear in the form for […]

How do I add a maintenance window to a test?

When creating or editing a window, you have the ability to select tests individually or by their tags. You can select both tests and tags at the same time to have better control. Please do keep in mind the following: When selecting tests by their tags, it will apply the […]

How to Send POST Data

StatusCake supports POST checks with a payload of POST Data. These types of checks are supported on all HTTP tests. To setup a POST check create a normal HTTP check and on the 2nd page of the setup (or update page) on the Test Settings tab scroll down until you find […]

My Test isn’t Using The Locations I Set

You will notice your site may be tested from locations you’ve not selected. This is normal behavior  if your site is detected as being down from one of your test locations the system will the confirm from three different test locations. Depending on how many locations we have in the countries […]

How Does Content Match Work?

Note: Content Match is a Paid Feature and as such requires any account above free The Content match feature will match any given string on the entire request body. The request body includes everything from the <html> to the </html>.This means you can match any element such as items within […]

I Got a False Positive?

Since its inception StatusCake has never sent a false alert; however there are several reasons in which due to misconfiguration on systems being tested you may get alerted; there are also cases where it may appear to be a false alert but is actually valid. If none of the above […]

What are your IPs?

API Access You can access the server locations in a programmatic fashion with the following API calls (depending on what format you require), you can also find a full list further down this page. Note: As of 2016-10-11 we also included IPv6 addresses  where applicable. (Excluding the […]