Using the PagerDuty Integration

StatusCake integrates with the Advance Alerting System PagerDuty. PagerDuty is a fantastic tool if you need complex routing of your messages. To setup PagerDuty please follow the guide below: First go to ‘Account’ and click ‘3rd Party’ Now from the service type Dropdown select ‘PagerDuty’. You will be asked for […]

Using The Slack Integration

Notifications from StatusCake to Slack Inside Slack: In the Slack App menu, scroll down and click the “Customize Slack” option. Next click “Configure Apps” to the left. In the “Manage” menu, select “Custom Integrations” Add a new incoming web hook configuration, if you don’t see this already, you’ll need to create […]

About SMS Notifications

SMS Notifications are used to alert you about any issues with your server via text message. When a notification is sent, 1 SMS Credit will be consumed. If you run out of SMS credits, its possible to buy more, and some of our subscriptions come with an inclusive allowance to […]

Using The HipChat Integration

In order to integrate Statuscake alerts with HipChat, you should follow these instructions. Hipchat end: Make an account with Hipchat and create a room, at this point you will enter a room name, and permissions for the room. These are up to you. After the room is created, you need […]

Creating Advanced Alert Schedules

Using Contact Groups to notify you about downtime is a great way of keeping up to date with the status of your website. But sometimes you need to set up something a little more complex to achieve your alert schedule needs. The recent addition of our Maintenance Windows feature adds […]