Mass Reassigning Contact Groups

Sometimes circumstances change and you can end up with a whole lot of tests assigned to a contact group with details that are no longer relevant. This can be because a staff member has been replaced, or due to close of business with a particular client.

When this happens you are sometimes left in a situation where many tests are now assigned to a contact group that will take no action upon receiving alerts. In order to solve this you would want to reassign these tests to a current contact group, or a new one that has been created for this purpose. To do this you would use the Bulk Update tool.

Inside Bulk Upload you first need to filter all of the tests that contain the invalid contact group, the options that you should select in the first three boxes are: Contact Group → Is Type → [Invalidgroup].

The number of tests this applies to will be counted– and in the next section that appears you should enter Contact Group → [Newgroup].

Doing this will delete the old contact group from all of the filtered tests, and replace it with the new one, if there are other contact groups in the tests, they will not be affected by this change.

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