Using The HipChat Integration

In order to integrate Statuscake alerts with HipChat, you should follow these instructions.

Hipchat end:

Make an account with Hipchat and create a room, at this point you will enter a room name, and permissions for the room. These are up to you.

After the room is created, you need an API V1 key to connect. Simply go to to obtain this. The Type should be set to notification but that name can be whatever you wish.

Statuscake end:

Log in to your Statuscake account and go to the Integrations section of the Dashboard.

For the Type field, select Hipchat.

For the Hipchat Token field you should insert the token that you obtained from the link in the previous section.

For the Hipchat Room field you should put the name of the room.

Leave the Hipchat Server field empty unless you host your own.

For the Alias field, enter the desired name for your integration.

Once these steps have been completed click send test to see if the set up has been successful.

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