Mobile Ad Spend rockets

UK Mobile Ad Spend to hit £1bn in 2013

The sky-rocketing growth in mobile advertising continues apace as the UK market alone grows from just £526m in 2012 to over £1bn this year, an increase of 90%, as digital advertisers go hunting for consumers across smartphone and tablet devices. … Read More

Instagram launches video sharing

Instagram to Launch Video Sharing Service?

Instagram, the photo-sharing app purchased by Facebook last year for $715m (£455m) – somewhat lower than the $1bn it had originally bid following a sharp fall in Facebook shares – is rumoured to being unveiling a video sharing service later … Read More

Unicef Sweden - Likes Don't save Lives

Facebook Likes Don’t Save Lives

Children’s charity UNICEF has hit out with an advertising campaign slamming the way in which Internet users interact with its messaging on social media sites such as Facebook – suggesting that for most users the engagement with the charity starts … Read More

Pay to Message Your Favourite Celebrity on Facebook

Pay to Message Your Favourite Celebrity on Facebook

Facebook users in the UK will be able to benefit from a controversial new feature that allows users, ordinary members of the public, to pay to send Facebook messages to celebrities and other people who they’re not otherwise able to … Read More

Facebook introduces hashtags

#Love Hastags? FaceBook Thinks the Same

Facebook yesterday announced that it was moving towards allowing #hashtags to be used in user’s posts. Although the “#” hashtag has become synonymous with Twitter it’s already also used by photo-sharing platform Instagram and Google+ – giving users the ability … Read More