Google announces implementation of penalties for intrusive mobile pop-ups

Google Announces Implementation of Penalties for Intrusive Mobile Pop-Ups

Google has begun to implement penalties for intrusive mobile pop-ups. Google first announced the proposed penalties last August and the company will now apply the penalties to those e-commerce firms that have not adjusted their practices to conform to them. … Read More

Google to implement mobile-first indexing

Google to Implement Mobile-First Indexing

While not surprising, two reports in November confirmed the growing importance of mobile devices for accessing the internet. StatCounter, a Dublin-based web analytics company, announced that 51.3% of worldwide internet usage in October took place on tablets and mobile devices, … Read MoreRead More

5 Missed Business Opportunities

5 Missed Opportunities – The VC Deals That Got Away!

We often hear stories from VCs that smartly invested in an unknown start-up for it to go on and become a darling of Silicon Valley and the tech world; those legendary Unicorns.Unicorn.  But what of those ones that got away?  … Read MoreRead More

Google Street View

Google Told by UK Privacy Regulator to Delete Street View Data

The UK’s Information Commissioner’s Office, the ICO, announced on Friday last week that it had served Google with an enforcement noticerequiring the search-engine giant to delete all so called “payload data” it collected as part of its Street View project. … Read More


Microsoft Lets You Resell XBox One Games – Will other Games Publishers Follow Suit?

Xbox manufacturer Microsoft avoided a prolonged storm last week when it officially announced that it will be up to games publishers to determine whether or not they want to allow the sale of pre-used games.  Having shirked making the decision … Read More