Google Blimps Bring Internet to Africa

Google Takes to African Skies

According to the Wall Street Journal last week search engine behemoth Google has set its sights beyond the North American and European markets and is looking to Africa and South-east Asia. One of the issues facing Google’s march into sub-Saharan Africa, and … Read More

Google Play

Google Launches Music Streaming Service – Has the Fat Lady Stopped Singing For Spotify & iTunes?

Just as the music industry threw up its arms in panic over how cassettes and home recording would destroy sales, how MP3s and online piracy would likewise do the same, they identified the collision miles off, but failed to take … Read More

Facebook introduces hashtags

#Love Hastags? FaceBook Thinks the Same

Facebook yesterday announced that it was moving towards allowing #hashtags to be used in user’s posts. Although the “#” hashtag has become synonymous with Twitter it’s already also used by photo-sharing platform Instagram and Google+ – giving users the ability … Read More

Sergey Brin - Google Glass

Google Glass – The All-Seeing, Every-Recording Eye

Gadget fiends got their first real-life sight of Google Glass in January this year when Google founder Sergey Brin was caught riding the New York subway wearing a pair of Google’s new glasses. Since then the excitement about this cool … Read More


Get Notified Via Our Chrome Extension already has one of the largest selections of downtime alert notification methods known to the website monitoring industry – but that does not mean we should relax and stop adding great new ways to get the message to you that … Read More