Microsoft Lets You Resell XBox One Games – Will other Games Publishers Follow Suit?

Xbox manufacturer Microsoft avoided a prolonged storm last week when it officially announced that it will be up to games publishers to determine whether or not they want to allow the sale of pre-used games.  Having shirked making the decision … Read More

In-App Purchases OFT Investigation

Coining it In – The UK’s OFT Investigates In-App Purchases

It’s been almost two months since the UK’s Office of Fair Trading (OFT) launched its investigation and public consultation into in-app purchases in popular Children’s app-based games.  As well as writing to app producers, the OFT reached out to parents … Read More

Google Play

Google Launches Music Streaming Service – Has the Fat Lady Stopped Singing For Spotify & iTunes?

Just as the music industry threw up its arms in panic over how cassettes and home recording would destroy sales, how MP3s and online piracy would likewise do the same, they identified the collision miles off, but failed to take … Read More