Five Reasons to Redesign Your Website

Five Reasons to Redesign Your Website

There are many reasons why you may need to redesign your website. Customer expectations change, new website styles become popular, and businesses evolve and grow. It’s naïve to think that you would never have to give your website a new … Read More

Page Loading - The 8 Second Rule

How to Keep Your Online Customers Happy

It’s been over a decade since the formulation of the eight-second rule for e-commerce sites. The rule states that if a site doesn’t load within eight seconds, most visitors will leave and go elsewhere. After this most visitors will leave … Read MoreRead More

Four easy ways to improve your website’s UX

Four Easy Ways to Improve Your Website’s UX

You will have favourite websites that you return to repeatedly. They have earned loyalty by efficiently providing high-quality goods and services that meet your needs. Your website should do the same – providing a consistent and relevant user experience (UX) … Read MoreRead More