Four reasons to use a responsive website design

Four Reasons to Use a Responsive Website Design

As the use of mobile devices steadily increases, it’s becoming more important for you to design a website that automatically responds and adjusts to mobile devices. The best approach to achieve this is to utilise a responsive website design. A … Read More

How Page Loading Speed Affects SEO

How Page Loading Speed Affects SEO

Page loading speed is the total length of time that it takes for a website to load completely. With regard to effective SEO, page loading speed is crucial. If your website does not load quickly, visitors to your site are … Read More

Five SEO mistakes that hurt eCommerce Startups

Five SEO Mistakes That Hurt e-Commerce Companies

Effective search engine optimisation (SEO) is crucial if you want to attract online traffic. According to content marketing firm BrightEdge, organic traffic accounts for about 51% of monthly visitors to e-commerce sites and far exceeds traffic from non-organic sources, including … Read MoreRead More

Three Tips to increase organic traffic

Three Tips to Increase Organic Traffic

Whether you are selling a product or service or providing information, you need to attract traffic to your website if you want to remain in business. You can pay to attract traffic, but that is not a sustainable strategy for … Read MoreRead More

Four easy ways to improve your website’s UX

Four Easy Ways to Improve Your Website’s UX

You will have favourite websites that you return to repeatedly. They have earned loyalty by efficiently providing high-quality goods and services that meet your needs. Your website should do the same – providing a consistent and relevant user experience (UX) … Read MoreRead More