Factors That Lead to eCommerce Success

Factors That Lead to e-Commerce Success

As with any business, it takes a lot of planning and hard work to make an e-commerce business a success. First, you need to have a reason for your business to exist. It may be to fill a need for … Read MoreRead More

Three Ways to Help Stop Customer Churn

Three Ways to Help Stop Customer Churn

You probably know how important it is to convert a one-time buyer into a repeat customer because it costs you more to obtain new customers than to retain existing ones. According to the Harvard Business Review, depending upon your industry, … Read MoreRead More

Boosting e-commerce sales of hard-to-sell items

Boosting eCommerce Sales of Hard-to-Sell Items

It happens even to major e-commerce retailers. You have an excellent item that is well-made and should meet your customers’ needs and expectations, yet the item does not sell very well. Most online retailers will eventually place that item in … Read MoreRead More

Appropriate SaaS Metrics for Different Company Stages

Appropriate SaaS Metrics for Different Company Stages

SaaS companies have many metrics available to measure their performance. The question is – which ones should you choose? There is no one ideal metric that you should use, and you can’t measure every available metric at the same time. … Read More

How to Be a Better Leader

How to become a better leader

Your e-commerce firm is thriving. You have a website that is a sales magnet, and revenue is steadily increasing. You are proactive and monitor your website’s performance and collect data on key metrics. You no longer think of your firm … Read MoreRead More