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Adding tests through the StatusCake API with Postman

Recently we’ve had a lot of requests for examples of how add new tests through the StatusCake API using the popular Postman tool. In this article we’ll take you through some of the steps required to get you going with … Read More

5 Must Have Start-Up Tools

5 Must Have Start-Up Tools

Having the right tools to help you run your business is crucial.  When you’re launching a new business or product there’s a million-and-one things to do; spending hour after hour searching for tools is simply time you don’t have. We’re … Read MoreRead More

StatusCake Enterprise Website Monitoring

Although we’ve always sought to ensure that whether you’re a blogger, an SMS or a corporate you can always enjoy unlimited testing, we do recognise that one size does not always fit-all. For this reason we launched StatusCake website monitoring … Read More

Stripe Rolls Out New Payment Gateway

At we’re always look at new ways to improve not only our uptime monitoring service, but the customer experience as well. One of the areas that hasn’t changed much since we launched is the payment gateway – where customers can sign-up … Read More

Zapier integrations with StatusCake

New Feature – Over 200 Ways of Getting Alerted With Zapier

When we first launched StatusCake we knew that we had to provide easy and convenient ways to get alert when a users website goes down. We already have integrations with the likes of Boxcar, Pushover and Twitter; but there is … Read More