Instagram launches video sharing

Instagram to Launch Video Sharing Service?

Instagram, the photo-sharing app purchased by Facebook last year for $715m (£455m) – somewhat lower than the $1bn it had originally bid following a sharp fall in Facebook shares – is rumoured to being unveiling a video sharing service later … Read More

Associated Press False Story Planted by Hackers Drives Share Prices Lower

Using Search Trends & Social Media to Predict Stock Market Moves

Just as popular search terms can reflect the news, sports and entertainment events going on in a particular country at any point in time, looking as search engine queries to predict future behaviour is not new either. Search engine Google … Read More

Facebook introduces hashtags

#Love Hastags? FaceBook Thinks the Same

Facebook yesterday announced that it was moving towards allowing #hashtags to be used in user’s posts. Although the “#” hashtag has become synonymous with Twitter it’s already also used by photo-sharing platform Instagram and Google+ – giving users the ability … Read More

Twitter - 140 Characters

Why Only Having 140 Characters is a Good Thing

Having trained as a lawyer – please don’t hate me! – I’ve been forever told that my emails are too long, and have lost count of the times I’ve been asked if I get paid by the word!  And before … Read More