Websites of 40% of UK e-commerce firms experience downtime during seasonal traffic peaks

Websites of 40% of UK e-Commerce Firms Experience Downtime During Seasonal Traffic Peaks

According to a recent report by international data services provider Cogeco Peer 1, about 40% of major UK e-commerce firms experience periods of website downtime during seasonal traffic peaks. The findings come from a survey of over 100 e-commerce decision-makers … Read More

Website Down - Major Website Downtime in 2016

Website Crashes Still a Major Issue in 2016

Well, 2016 has been another banner year for major website crashes. Distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks, such as the hugely disruptive one on Dyn, were on the rise, but many of these crashes were preventable. As in past years, … Read MoreRead More

Proactive website Monitoring

Be Proactive with Website Monitoring, Not Reactive

There is a fine art to running an online business, but there is an even finer line between success and failure. Let’s imagine a scenario, launching an average online store. You’ll have to remember the SEO, the usability, getting across … Read More

Brazilian Website Monitoring

Website Monitoring In Brazil

At we have been rolling out new monitoring centres month-on-month; making sure there’s always a server near to you that can handle all your website monitoring needs.  Allowing you to tell if those customers closest, and most important to … Read More

Amazon Website Down

If time is Money, How Much does Downtime Cost?

Benjamin Franklin first coined the phrase “time is money”.  So when your website goes down, even if only for an hour, how much has it “cost” you? In 2008 online retailer had a two hour downtime.  In this not … Read More