A Message from the StatusCake Founders to all Pingdom Users

Dear Pingdom Users, We launched StatusCake.com in July last year.  Since then we’ve grown from a few, to many and now tens of thousands of customers.  But one thing has remained constant.  We’ve ensured from the start that our platform … Read More

Brazilian Website Monitoring

Website Monitoring In Brazil

At StatusCake.com we have been rolling out new monitoring centres month-on-month; making sure there’s always a server near to you that can handle all your website monitoring needs.  Allowing you to tell if those customers closest, and most important to … Read More

Milan Website Monitoring

Italian Website Monitoring – Milan Monitoring Centre Opens

At StatusCake we have community of users from all over the world – and an ever growing number from Italy.  That’s why today we’ve rolled out the first Italian website monitoring centre in Milan. Milan is already becoming one of … Read More


StatusCake.com Rolls Out New Payment Gateway

At StatusCake.com we’re always look at new ways to improve not only our uptime monitoring service, but the customer experience as well. One of the areas that hasn’t changed much since we launched is the payment gateway – where customers can sign-up … Read More

API Now Live

It’s now been four days since we launched our February StatusCake.com customer survey and we hope you’ve started to see some of the great changes as a direct result of your feedback. You may remember the question “What do you want us … Read More