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Zapier Set Ups – Keep a log of tests added to StatusCake

There’s a lot that can be automated within StatusCake using the Zapier app. Today we’ll take you through how to keep an automatic log of any tests added to your StatusCake account, all the data will be stored on Google … Read More

Improvements To Email Deliverability & Speed

It’s now been two days since we sent out our customer survey and while yesterday’s focus was on server reliability and speed, today has very much been about the way in which we deliver alerts, and more specifically our email … Read More

Zapier integrations with StatusCake

New Feature – Over 200 Ways of Getting Alerted With Zapier

When we first launched StatusCake we knew that we had to provide easy and convenient ways to get alert when a users website goes down. We already have integrations with the likes of Boxcar, Pushover and Twitter; but there is … Read More