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POST /API/Maintenance/Update

Basic Intro

Create a new Maintenance Window on your account.
NOTE: Authentication and a valid plan required


Optional parameters will use the default value if they are not included

Parameter Type Default Restrictions Description Required
name String - - A descriptive name for your maintenance window YES
start_unix Integer - Valid UNIX timestamp Start date of your window. Can be slightly in the past YES
end_unix Integer - Valid UNIX timestamp End time of your window. Must be in the future YES
timezone String - Valid Timezone Must be a valid timezone, or UTC YES
raw_tests String - Comma seperated string of Test IDs Individual tests that should be included No
raw_tags String - Comma seperated string of Tags Tests with these tags will be included No
recur_every Integer 0 Options: [0, 1, 7, 14, 30] How often this window should recur. 0 disables this No
follow_dst Boolean true True / False Whether DST should be followed or not No
Unix Timestamps

!! Important: Unix timestamps are ALWAYS in UTC (Coordinated Universal Time), regardless of the defined timezone. The timezone parameter is used for DST calculation and visual display ONLY.

Response Codes


  • HTTP 200 - Success - The new window was created. The ID can be found in the data.

User Error

  • HTTP 400 - Request Failed - Generic Error: Please check output for more information.
  • HTTP 405 - Invalid Method - Invalid method used. Only supports POST.

Account Issues

  • HTTP 401 - Authorization Required - Provide Correct Username and API key
  • HTTP 402 - Payment Required - You do not have access to this function. Check your account for more information.
  • HTTP 429 - API Usage Limit Exceeded - Your limit was exceeded. Check your account for more information.

Example Output

The output is returned as a json array

    "success": true,    // Returns false on error
    "message": "",      // Additional information, if available
    "data": {
        "new_id": 1234  // The ID of the newly created window