Uptime Confirmation System


If you’ve ever had a server which has been flaky but not consistently down then you’ve likely encountered times where you get tens if not hundreds of StatusCake alerts over a day, cluttering your inbox, wasting your SMS credits (unless you have our business account – which comes with unlimited SMS credits) and generally creating a headache. We decided it’s about time we get a solution and are happy to announce intelligent uptime confirmation.

So what exactly is Intelligent Uptime Confirmation?

Our system looks at the type of time which triggered the original downtime email and then determine if other servers needs to confirm that the site is actually up – we also take into account if it has increased load time which if encountered tells our system to confirm on a few more servers that the test is actually up. We do all this at the same time as your normal test alerts would be sent so there is absolutely no delay to uptime alerts if you’re site is working as intended and if it’s likely to go down again after a few seconds our test agents will simply wait for the service to be truly up

This is just another one of the hundreds of improvements we make month on month. If you have any feedback or questions on this new system then please do not hesitate to contact support. In the meantime stay tuned to the blog as we’ve got more fantastic improvements lined up.

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