Team member permission levels

Here we will describe the features of the “View Only” and “Full Edit” team member permission levels. These are configured via the Team Management section of the account. This delineation between user roles ensures that system integrity is maintained while providing flexibility and control where needed. By understanding these distinctions, […]

Integrating StatusCake with Zenduty

Zenduty is an incident management platform that helps businesses manage and resolve incidents quickly and efficiently. It enables teams to automate their incident response workflows, so they can receive and manage alerts from various monitoring tools, communication channels, and other sources in a unified manner. With Zenduty, teams can collaborate […]

HTTP Status Code Meanings

Each test that we run at StatusCake will return a Status Code, and this code is a vital part of the “message” that we get in response to our connection attempt. Each code carries a specific meaning around the status of the web page or service. You can configure which […]

Downtime root causes – Unexpected Status Code

This article will take you through the reasons for a “Unexpected status code” root cause on an uptime test. We return this error type when we see an unexpected status code returned by the tested website, this can be any common error status code, or a custom status code depending […]

Downtime root causes – Domain not found

This article will take you through the possible reasons for a “Domain not found” root cause on an uptime test: We are unable to resolve your domain name through Google and Cloudflare DNS services. The IP address of your domain may not be pointed to the correct record, this can […]

Downtime root causes – timeout/connection refused

This article will take you through the possible reasons for a “timeout/connection refused” root cause on an uptime test: A connection refusal may occur due to trying to access a website in an unauthorized fashion, through a closed port, or because of security restrictions from a Firewall. In the case […]

What is a Certificate of Residence?

If you are a customer of StatusCake and located outside of the UK you may be asked by your finance team or accountant for us to provide you with what’s known as a Certificate of Residence. The Certificate of Residence, created by HM Revenue and Customers (HMRC), allows StatusCake to […]