Integrating StatusCake with Telegram

Here you can find instructions on how to set up your StatusCake alerts to go through to the Telegram notification application. This is a one time set up for all platforms that you currently use the software on, and the process should take no more than a couple of minutes: […]

How to use the Mattermost integration

Mattermost is an open source cloud based alternative to services like Slack and Microsoft teams, it’s got some handy features as standard, such as: File Sharing, Webhooks and custom commands, Slash commands, Plug-in frameworks and multi-language support. You can now configure an integration within StatusCake to ensure that all alerts […]

I’m getting alerts from StatusCake but I can’t log in

If you are receiving alerts from StatusCake to let you know about a downtime, but do not know your login details, please follow these steps: Try a password reset on your primary email address here – If this is unsuccessful it could mean that the account is registered under someone […]

Setting up a new automatic report

You can generate reports in app for either all tests, or a select group of tests – and each different report that you set up can contain it’s own timings for sending, and email addresses that should receive the data. Reporting options can be found here when logged into the StatusCake […]

How to Change the StatusCake Password for Login

If you want to change the Password for access to the StatusCake app just follow the steps below: First of all, go to the User Details section, and select the Security Tab When there you will first be asked to enter your previous password. Next, enter your desired new password. Finally […]

Integrating with DataDog

We now allow users to integrate directly with the DataDog service, and you can find the instructions for set up below: NOTE: To add a new integration of this type within DataDog, you must have set up your initial “Agent” – the agent can be installed on a variety of […]

Using the Discord Integration

We now have the ability to integrate with the Discord app, a popular platform for group chat and notification. Classically used for Gaming communities but also with a well sized Business user base. You can read below some simple steps which will guide you through the creation of this integration. Create a […]

Using the Audit Log

The audit log is a tool within the StatusCake app which will log all account actions from the last 7 days, this enables you to see which changes were made, when they were made, and which user made them. The Audit Log will keep track of almost every action that […]

Integrating StatusCake With Zapier

Zapier is an online automation tool that connects your favorite apps, such as StatusCake, Slack, Pagerduty, and over 1,000 others! You can connect two or more apps to automate many different types of operations – no coding or developers required! You can use the Zapier platform to integrate StatusCake with a […]

Using the Pingdom Importer

It’s now possible within the StatusCake app to import all of your Pingdom uptime testing into our systems, using just your Pingdom API details. A paid Pingdom account will be required to use this tool. The process is quick and easy, we’ll outline the steps below: First off – head […]