What is a Certificate of Residence?

If you are a customer of StatusCake and located outside of the UK you may be asked by your finance team or accountant for us to provide you with what’s known as a Certificate of Residence. The Certificate of Residence, created by HM Revenue and Customers (HMRC), allows StatusCake to […]

What is a W-8BEN-E

If you are a customer of StatusCake and located in the United States of America it is likely that you’ll want StatusCake to complete what’s known as a W-8BEN-E. The form, created by the US Internal Revenue Service (IRS), allows StatusCake to self-certify that as a business it is not […]

How to activate alerts to the StatusCake Mobile App

It’s possible to do this in a few simple steps, setting this up means you can get your up/down alerts straight to the StatusCake mobile app via a push notification. Log in to the StatusCake Mobile app, go to the settings, and activate the “Receive notifications” option. Within StatusCake, edit […]

Why is my domain not supported?

We obtain information about your domain by getting its public properties (WHOIS data). These properties include information on who registered it, when it was registered, when it expires and its nameservers. The availability of these public properties depend on the TLD registrar, this is the company that a domain is […]

Using Phone Call Alerts

It’s possible to configure Phone Call alerts in our integrations section. This means that users can now receive a full phone call when a StatusCake Test encounters problems. As with other integrations, once created the Phone Call Alert should be inserted into a contact group, that contact group should be […]

Using the Public Reporting API

In this article we’ll take you through the functions of the Public Reporting API, if you are looking for more in depth programming-related info please instead check out our API Docs. We’ll go through each endpoint individually below: Get All Pages GET /API/PublicReporting/ Lists all public reporting pages on the account Get Single […]

Integrating StatusCake with Telegram

Here you can find instructions on how to set up your StatusCake alerts to go through to the Telegram notification application. This is a one time set up for all platforms that you currently use the software on, and the process should take no more than a couple of minutes: […]

How to use the Mattermost integration

Mattermost is an open source cloud based alternative to services like Slack and Microsoft teams, it’s got some handy features as standard, such as: File Sharing, Webhooks and custom commands, Slash commands, Plug-in frameworks and multi-language support. You can now configure an integration within StatusCake to ensure that all alerts […]

I’m getting alerts from StatusCake but I can’t log in

If you are receiving alerts from StatusCake to let you know about a downtime, but do not know your login details, please follow these steps: Try a password reset on your primary email address here – https://app.statuscake.com/Login/forgotpass.php If this is unsuccessful it could mean that the account is registered under someone […]