Why you should still use TLS1.2 (and not just TLS1.3)

Transport Layer Security (TLS) is a widely used protocol for securing internet communications. It has undergone several revisions over the years, with TLS 1.2 and 1.3 being the most widely used versions today. While TLS 1.3 is the latest and most secure version, it is not always the best choice […]

Billing Access for Team Members

You can allow any team member the ability to access your billing details on your account. This will allow the user to access the following pages: View Invoices  The user will be able to view/download any invoices, and retry payments on the account Update Address and Card Details  The user […]

Removing Server Monitoring from your Machine

If you no longer wish to monitor your server with us you can run through the following steps to fully remove our script from your machine. Note this will also mean that your Server Monitoring test will no longer receive updates, and subsequently any alerts if you have any issues […]