Email Transaction Type

Our SMTP testing has two options, the option you pick depends on your setup. We’ve made this short guide below to help you pick the right option for you.

Complete Transaction

Complete transaction tests every part of your SMTP server and will send an outbound mail to one of our email addresses, this email address then parses what messages it’s received and will report if an expected message has got lost. This means you are much more aware of any deliverability issues.


  • You will be sending an email, if your mail server has limits these may be hit
  • Extra bandwidth will be used by your test server
  • We login permission to send mail
  • This should not be used on GMAIL/Google Apps as you WILL hit limits & get false positives

Connection Attempt Only


  • We only attempt to login to your mail server, no further action will be completed
  • You won’t be able to be certain mails can be sent

Please note the below timeout parameters for connections:

Connection: 10s
Greeting: 11s,
Socket: 15s