How do I select my private server

Private servers allow your tests to run without having interference from other tests. This is especially handy for critical services. If access to a private server was provided to you, this is how you configure your tests to use them.

Step 1 – Create or edit a test

If you haven’t created a test yet, press the “New test” option in the menu. If you already have a test and want to change its servers, click the edit button for the test you wish to modify.

Step 2 – Add the location to test from

Your private server, like all of our servers, can be added using the “Add additional location” button. In the “Select continent” dropdown menu, select the “Private server” entry. Now, in the “Select sub region” dropdown, choose your private server.

If you have multiple private servers, simply repeat this step until you have selected all the servers you want to use.

Step 3 – Modify other settings and save

If you need to, you can now modify the other settings for your test and then save it. Your services will now be tested from the selected private server(s).

Note: You can mix and match servers, so your services can be tested from both public and private servers. Please keep in mind to also check the amount of confirmation servers to use, as having more confirmation servers than locations will result in your tests being tested from random locations.

Want your own private server?
If you want to have your own private server, you can request an offer from our support staff. They will then check the feasibility of the requested location(s) and provide you with a bespoke offer. Pricing can vary widely per location.

(Private servers are only available on Business and Enterprise plans, contact support for more information)

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