Integrating with Terraform


Terraform is a platform for building, combining and launching infrastructure. It’s a downloadable software that’s supported over most operating systems, and it’s possible to integrate this tool with Statuscake in order to create and configure tests.

First off you should log in to your Statuscake Account , grab your username from the User page , you will also need your API key, make a note of these details before continuing.

Next you will need to visit Terraform  and download their software for your chosen operating system. Once this is done you can begin using the integration.

Adding and modifying tests through Terraform:

Below are the fields used to structure the addition of a new test through the Terraform terminal, authorization is always required and the website_name, website_url and test_type are required values, all other values are optional:


provider “statuscake” { //This is the field for which “Provider” or integration you want to use.

username = “testuser” //Statuscake username for auth.

apikey = “12345ddfnakn” //Statuscake API key for auth

resource “statuscake_test” “google”  //resource being used and label

Test Options

website_name – (Required) This is the name of the test and the website to be monitored.
website_url – (Required) The URL of the website to be monitored
check_rate – (Optional) Test check rate in seconds. Defaults to 300
contact_id – (Optional) The id of the contact group to be add to the test. Each test can have only one.
test_type – (Required) The type of Test. Either HTTP or TCP
paused – (Optional) Whether or not the test is paused. Defaults to false.
timeout – (Optional) The timeout of the test in seconds.
confirmations – (Optional) The number of confirmation servers to use in order to detect downtime. Defaults to 0.
port – (Optional) The port to use when specifying a TCP test.
trigger_rate – (Optional) The number of minutes to wait before sending an alert. Default is 5.

Recommended Settings: