Using the Audit Log

The audit log is a tool within the StatusCake app which will log all account actions from the last 7 days, this enables you to see which changes were made, when they were made, and which user made them.

The Audit Log will keep track of almost every action that can be performed within the StatusCake account. Below we have a table showing which events will be logged:

Add new Uptime Test Add a new Domain Monitor
Modify existing Uptime Test Modify existing Domain Monitor
Delete existing Uptime Test Delete existing Domain Monitor
Add new Page Speed Test Add  a new Server Monitor
Modify existing Page Speed test Modify existing Server Monitor
Delete existing Page Speed test Delete existing Server Monitor
Add new SSL test Add new Contact Group
Modify existing SSL test Modify existing Contact Group
Delete existing SSL test Delete existing Contact Group
Add a new Virus Scan Add a new Maintenance Window
Modify existing Virus Scan Modify existing Maintenance Window
Delete existing Virus Scan Delete existing Maintenance Window
Add new Public Report Add new Alerting Integration
Modify existing Public Report Modify existing Alerting Integration
Remove Existing Public report Delete existing Maintenance Window
Add new Dashbord Change of Username
Modify existing Dashboard Change of Email Report settings
Delete existing Dashboard Add, Change, or Delete VAT number

This feature is available for all users on the Business plan and upwards, and for all actions the main/sub-user who carried out the task will be logged on an account email and IP address level to help you quickly identify the relevant user.

To access the new functionality just go to the User Details section and click the “Audit Log” link at the top of the page,or alternatively just use this link