How to Change the StatusCake Password for Login

If you want to change the Password for access to the StatusCake app just follow the steps below:

  1. First of all, go to the User Details section, and select the Security Tab
  2. When there you will first be asked to enter your previous password.
  3. Next, enter your desired new password.
  4. Finally confirm the new password by typing it once more, then use the “Update Password” button to complete the process.

Some tips for choosing a password:

  • A strong password contains more than 8 characters, should include numbers and symbols as well as upper and lower case letters.
  • A password should not be shared between multiple individuals.
  • The same password should not be used by the same individual across multiple applications.
  • For security it’s a good idea to set up a backup method of authentication. At StatusCake we allow you to set up 2FA for this purpose, either through SMS or Google Authenticator.
  • A password generator can be useful, you can use a service like Lastpass for this – which would also come with a vault for secure password storage.

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