Mixed Content Monitoring

Mixed Content monitoring was added to our advanced SSL monitoring tool set on 08/02/2018. This functionality allows you to receive warnings in the case that Mixed Content is identified on a website being monitored with on of our SSL type tests.

Mixed content occurs when the site is accessed over a HTTPS secure connection, but other resources on the page are loaded through an insecure connection. This is defined as “Mixed Content” as both HTTP and HTTPS content are being loaded on the same page when the request started as a secure HTTPS request.

Mixed content monitoring can be enabled by editing your SSL test and ensuring that the “Mixed Content” check box is selected. When this is the case you will get alerts on Mixed Content through your contact group attached to the test, you’ll also see a clear warning in-app


Summarised on the details page you’ll see which resources caused a problem as shown in the example below:


For the alerts that are sent with this feature we will display a similar table detailing the resources which have triggered the Mixed Content warning.

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