Using Server Monitoring

Below you can find some FAQ’s and general tips for our Server Monitoring feature:

What permissions are required:

Our system resource scanner runs on it’s own separate user account (cakeagent) and does not require root beyond the installation. You can limit file access for this user agent however df must be available.

How does it work?

The Cake agent is designed to be resource light. The script itself is a cron agent that runs every 1 minute (or 2 minutes for Superior users). This cron agent then collects key statistics such as the current RAM, CPU and network usage. No file contents are read or transferred, nor is any connection data beyond the transfer rates.

How does alerting work?

If any metric is above the defined levels you set then we will send an alert. If the script has not received a response in the expected time frame this will also trigger an alert. The script itself does not require any file space to run and as such if your disk becomes full the script will still trigger alerts

How can I uninstall the agent?

Simply remove the user which runs the cron and sh file to uninstall. You can find the agent at /etc/cakeagent/

Does the agent automatically detect my server’s network interface?

Yes, our agent will automatically detect the network interface on your server, whether it be eth0 or a different type.

I get an error regarding crontab, what’s the best course of action?

If you see this error then it may be that on the first run of the install script the creation of the cron failed, in this case it’s advised to run the install a second time and you should see this resolved.

Which OS are supported?

Currently only Linux based systems are supported, further OS support will be coming soon!

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