Server Monitoring

Why you need Server Monitoring

It’s all well and good to have uptime monitoring in place to let you know if a website goes down, but what if you could see the signs that this was going to happen in advance? Giving you time to address outstanding issues and prevent outages before customer reports start flowing in. This is one of the great advantages of running server monitoring alongside your standard monitoring processes, and at the same time you’ll be collecting historic data on CPU, RAM and DISK usage – as well as any running processes, making analysis a piece of cake down the line.

How It Impacts You

Servers go down – it’s an inevitable fact of Business on the internet, even the most powerful and well maintained device will at some point hit a snag, lose power, run out of memory – or any of a huge array of other things that can go wrong! All companies have to deal with downtime relating to these issues, but these sorts of disruptions can be preventable with the right tools!

The Solution

With StatusCake’s server monitoring you can keep on top of your server’s stats and usage – with precise monitoring for RAM, CPU and DISK, as well as all running processes. It’s possible to set thresholds too – which if exceeded will alert you right away by your chosen notification method.

How Long It Takes

Setting up a Server Monitoring test is quick and easy, create your test in the StatusCake dashboard and then run a single line of script on the target server to get everything up and running!