What are your API rate limits?

For our latest API version found here:

Ratelimits are applied to the API to prevent any one client degrading the overall system stability. StatusCake accounts without a subscription, or those on a free plan, can make a maximum of 60 requests per minute (rpm). Accounts with a paid subscription have no such limit. However all accounts, free or otherwise, are subject to a burst limit of 5 requests per second (rps).

Requests are associated with the account owning the given bearer token, regardless of which token was used. This means that all API clients accessing resources belonging to the same account share the same ratelimit quota.

When the ratelimit quota is exceeded all future requests will return an HTTP 429 status code until the ratelimit window is reset.

Source: https://developers.statuscake.com/guides/api/ratelimiting/

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