Do you have an API?

Yes, We have an API, and we’ve made some major improvements to it throughout its life!

The documentation for the StatusCake API can be found here.

What can I access via the API?

You can access the following features on the API:

  • Uptime Monitoring
  • Page Speed Monitoring
  • SSL Monitoring
  • Maintenance Windows
  • Contact Groups
  • Uptime, and PageSpeed Server Locations

What are my API limits?

Free customers have a limit of 250 requests per day (that’s the equivalent of checking the API at least once every 5 minutes per day!

Paid customers have a limit of 100,000 requests per day.

How do I access the API?

To start using the API you will need to become a more familiar with our documentation here

In order to authenticate yourself via API calls you can find your API Key in the StatusCake App on your Account Page. At the bottom of the page you can view, and generate a new API key.

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