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At we have been focused on a lot more than just checking your website for uptime and downtime.  There’s much more to website monitoring than this, and as a result, we have one of the most full featured website testing services around.  We have features such as SSL certificate checking, JavaScript error logging and much, much more!

But the Internet is a lot more than just HTTP(s)!  To give you an even better service, here at StatusCake we will soon be rolling out new test methods.  As always we want to make sure we get each one perfect before moving onto the next – so today I’m happy to announce StatusCake TCP Checks (beta!)

With StatusCake TCP checks you can confirm the uptime of any TCP based service.  This includes the likes of game servers such as Minecraft and HLDS, but also other tools such as internal communication platforms or RTP Media data.

We have a lot of work to do before we can class our TCP feature as being as awesome as we want it to be; but never the less you can use it right now by logging into StatusCake and clicking the “Add Network Test” navigation element.

The TCP tests can be performed in any country of your choosing as long as you have a paid plan – and the check rates can be as low as 1 minute. You can of course also include TCP checks on your public reporting!

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