Payments by Invoice & Bank Transfer

Payment is ordinarily made for StatusCake plans via our self-service payment gateway which accepts all major international credit and debit cards.

We do however accept payment by way of invoice and bank transfer for Business Yearly and Enterprise plans. Payment in this way does mean that rather than an automated processes our finance, sales team and accountants need to be involved in the payment process.
In order to keep the process as simple as possible, and cost effective so that we can offer this alternative to our customers we need to ensure that:
• Payment is received in cleared funds within 10 business from date of invoice. After this your account may be suspended until payment is received.
• You are responsible for payment of any tax and bank fees so that the money received by StatusCake is the amount on your invoice.
• We do not offer any discount coupon where payment is made upon invoice. Such discounts are intended to pass back to our customers some of the savings where payment is made immediately via our automated gateway.
• Please note on Business Yearly plans we are unable to enter additional paperwork to facilitate invoice payment, e.g. supplier information forms, or acceptance of additional terms. If this is something that your company is going to require then unfortunately we will only be able to accept payment from you via our payment gateway.

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