Status Page – Changing the Look and Feel

Managing the appearance of your Status Page is easy and can be done    by selecting the “Look and Feel” option to the left of the page after clicking the desired Status Page record to access it’s settings.

You’ll be presented with some settings on the left, and a visual representation of your input on the right, so you’ll be able to see the effects of changes as you add them.

First of all you should choose which layout you wish to have on the Status Page, you can select between: Double column, left align – Double column, right align, and Single column, centre align – you’ll see how this will look in the example to the right on that page as you make the changes.

Next you can choose between simple colour options, and entering your own customisations through CSS. It’s easy to change things like colour and font in this section!

In the last part of this page we can select which aspects are shown in which column/sidebar on the Status Page. The choices we have here are: Services, Metrics, Recent History, Twitter and Facebook.

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