Pagespeed Connection Throttling

StatusCake now offers the ability to test your website’s page speed from mobile connections.
To start simulating mobile connections, create or edit a Page Speed test and scroll down to the “Throttling” option as shown in the image below.

Pagespeed Throttling




As soon as you save the Page Speed test, your test will now be loaded from a throttled internet connection.

Connection Types

Type Download Speed Upload Speed Latency
4G 4Mbps 3Mbps 20ms
3G_FAST 1Mbps 0.75Mbps 40ms
3G_SLOW 0.75Mbps 0.25Mbps 100ms
EDGE 0.45Mbps 0.15Mbps 150ms
GPRS 0.05Mbps 0.02Mbps 500ms
None Throttling not enabled

Note: Due to the very slow nature of GPRS, it’s very likely that your website will always time out. For that reason, we recommend not selecting this option.

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