Status Page – Managing Events and Updates

Events and updates which appear on your Status Page can all be managed from the “Settings” section of the page you’d like to add to. Under the “MANAGE EVENTS & UPDATES” link you’ll be able to create a new event, pin a current event, or unpin all events.

On this new page you should first select the “Event Title” field – here just add the name of the event, below you can enter the date of the event in the “Event Date” field.

The “Initial Message” section that follows should be populated with a plain test update for users which will maximise engagement – you can set the update type, and which subscribers to notify in this section too.

Last you should take a look at the “Display Settings” section, where you can modify the visibility and colouring of your event. Once finished use the button at the bottom of the page to create and submit the event update.

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